Shahida Anwar Welfare Foundation

Executive Committee

Mst. Shahida Khatun

Chairman, SAWF

Mst. Shahida Khatun is Former Director, Bangla Academy. She specializes in oral tradition,oral history, traditional culture and social welfare. She has jointly or singly published many books, such as Bangla Academy Folklore Archives 1-5 ( 1993 and 1994 ),MeyelyGeet ( 1997 ), Bangla Academy Granthapanjee ( 1997 ), Perception of Folk Festivals ( 1998 ), Lokakahini, Lokashilpa Album ( 2004), Bangla Academy Folklore Sangrahamala, Volumes 1- 135 ( 1999 - 2018 ),Dhaka: Capital of Islamic Culture in the Asian Region for 2012 ( 2012 ). Folklore : New Challenges, 2015, Folklore in the Urban Context, 2016,Ten Elements of the Intangible Cultural Heritage of Bangladesh, 2016,Social Change and Folklore, 2017,The Four Master Folk Artists of Bangladesh, 2017,Exhibition Catalogue of the Folk Heritage Museum of Bangla Academy, 2017,A Glossary of Folklore, 2018 andFifteen Forms of Folksong in Bangladesh, 2018. She participated in the Third SAARC Folklore and Heritage Festival in Chandigarh, India and contributed a paper on ‘Lalan Shah: A Critique of His Songs in Relation to His Tradition-Bearers’in 2010; She participated as an official delegate of Bangladesh in the SAARC Regional Seminar on Traditional Knowledge and Traditional Cultural Expressions and contributed a paper on 'The Jamdani Sari: An Exquisite Female Costiume of Bangladesh' in 2013; She participated in the Sixth, Eighth, Ninth, Twelfth and Thirteenth Sessions of UNESCO's Intergovernmental Committee for the Safeguarding of the Intangible Cultural Heritage in Bali, Indonesia (2011), in Baku, Azerbaijan (2013), in Paris, France (2014), in Jeju, South Korea (2017) and in Port Louis, Republic of Mauritius (2018) respectively.

Murshid Anwar

General Secretary, SAWF

Murshid Uddin Ahmed(Anwar) is Former Deputy Director of Bangla Academy,Dhaka,Bangladesh. He specializes in fieldwork-based audio-visual datacollection and documentation. He was the Associate Editor of bangladesherLokasangeet(1990 )and Editor of BicharGaan(1993 ) published by Bangla Academy. He was the Executive Editor of Bangla AcademyBarta, the monthly journal covering the activities of Bangla Academy. Hedirected more than 30 adio-visual documentaries-- 'Traditional Art of Jamdani Weaving', 'MongalShobhajatra', 'The Rickshaw Painting' support the nominations of these three elements for inscription on the Representative List of the Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity. Traditional Art of Jamdani and MongalShobhajatra was inscribed on the Representative List by UNESCO. Murshid Anwar's areas of interest include folklore, contemporary history and literature. He partcipated in the Folklore Fellows summer School organized bythe University of Turku in Finland in 1993. He attended the Ninth Session of UNESCO'S Intergovernmental Committee for the Safeguarding of the Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity in Paris,France in 2014

Mst. Nahida Khatun

Vice Chairman, SAWF

Sheikh Mohammad Shihab

Treasurer, SWAF

Salaha Akhter

Executive Member, SAWF

Md. Maniruzzaman

Executive Member, SAWF

Dr. Washima Nijhum

Executive Member, SAWF