Shahida Anwar Welfare Foundation

Cobbler: Underprivileged people


In modern age we like to dress ourselves irrespective of male and female. The habit of wearing matching shoes with this aesthetic dress has also developed since long ago. If the shoes don’t match the dress, don’t go. Everyone wants to keep the shoes clean and shiny with color coating. We also say, ‘Polish so that even face can be seen’. And those who do this work are people belonging to ‘Muchi’ community. Usually we know them as cobblers. They are of tribal origin. It is clear from the way the life of cobblers or tanners has appeared in Bengali literature that cobblers have had an important position in social life since ancient times. Muchis belong to the Hindu community and are low caste and socially untouchable. As untouchables had to live separately. . Historically their economic position is low. Currently, the condition of this community is deplorable. Cobblers are victims of social discrimination due to their profession. As there is no guarantee of income, they often have to spend their days with half food. This is the destiny! ‘Shahida Anwar Welfare Foundation’ stands with some underprivileged people belonging to the Muchi community.

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