Shahida Anwar Welfare Foundation


Shahida Anwar Welfare Foundation alongside artisan potters of traditional pottery

Pottery is an ancient and traditional art of rural Bengal. The main material of this industry is clay. And those who make utensils with clay are known as Kumar, pals, Kumvokar, potters etc. in the society. With deep love and compassion, the potters create a variety of festive items, such as various types of pots, pitchers, bowls,open frying pans, graters and other clay items through skilled handcrafts. Soil is their only means of livelihood. Once upon a time, earthenware was widely used for various household purposes. With the evolution of time, this ancient industry of rural Bengal is about to be lost due to the production of various materials with modern technology. The demand for earthenware is decreasing drastically due to the increasing popularity of polished steel, melamine, brass, brass, silver, aluminum and plastic household items. As a result, the standard of living of pottery artisans in different regions of the country is decreasing day by day. It has become difficult for them to make a living from this profession. Recently, potters are trying to sustain themselves by leaving the traditional boundaries and using new technologies and materials to create new pottery. We found potters lazing around in the Pal Paras of Gangapur, Nandipur and Nayagaon in Sonargaon (Narayanganj). They say that it is not possible to work regularly as before due to increase in the price of materials for making clay pottery and decrease in demand. Shahida Anwar Welfare Foundation stands alongside the artisan potters of this traditional pottery.

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