Shahida Anwar Welfare Foundation

The Barber

Shahida Khatun, chairman of Shahida Anwar Welfare Foundation, is distributing food items among the under privileged barber community.

Hair is one of the ingredients of human beauty. There is no end to people’s thoughts about hair. Hair, beard trimming is a part of daily routine. That is why the need for professional hairstylists.Earlier, barbers used to cut the hair and beards of the people of the village sitting in the shade of banyan trees in the bazaar, in the streets, on the footpaths or on the bricks arranged on the streets of the villages. Such a familiar scene is not seen often anymore. Barbers were seen cutting hair/beards lined up on the pavement next to Kheyaghat near the Babubazar Bridge in Keraniganj, near the capital Dhaka. For those of us who spent our childhood in the villages, this scene will surely haunt our memories.Barber or Sheel or Narasundar have been holding this profession for generations. Narsundar is a class of professions who in the old fashion hang mirrors on the side of the road and trim people’s hair and shave beards and mustaches in various ways.But in the evolution of modern civilization, the trend of hair stylists has received a touch of innovation. He is doing the work of hair decoration by decorating the shops in the bazaars, cities and ports with modern decorations. What we call salon. Currently, hair, beard cutting tools and equipment have also changed. Salons no longer feature razor blades. It has been replaced by bladed razors, shaving creams, lotions, hair curlers etc.Barbers or barbers who have long been engaged in hair cutting, trimming, shaving, etc., which are important accessories of daily rural life, are now struggling to make ends meet. It is no longer possible to run the family with the income that used to be earned by working in the traditional way. The shortage continues. Although some people are still involved in the oldest traditional profession of barber. The Barber is gradually disappearing. Shahida Anwar Welfare Foundation stands by the few people of this underprivileged community.

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